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Get to Know Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant


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The benefits of professional skincare treatments are undeniable. Whether clients have serious skin concerns left untreated by over the counter products or simply want to ensure they’re meeting all of their skincare goals, adding in regular facials or other skincare treatments can contribute to amazing transformations. However, that’s not to say there aren’t barriers when it comes to receiving said treatments. Most often, cost and accessibility are the two main reasons why clients do not/ cannot seek professional assistance. We at Glo want to change that, which is why we’ve created Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant, an at-home peel, perfect for anyone who wants to take their skincare results to the next level from the comfort of their own bathroom.

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Liquid exfoliants (also known as chemical exfoliants) have been around for a while but you may not be totally familiar with them. Previously associated with professional treatments, liquid exfoliants were not a product you would expect to see in a daily routine. They differ from physical exfoliants because they’re able to penetrate deeper into skin’s surface. Physical exfoliants are only able to address the surface of the skin, which doesn’t provide long term benefits. Now that the general population is aboard the skincare train, we’re able to introduce products that require a bit more knowledge for use but provide more transformative results, like Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant.

Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant has been available to our professional community for years as a treatment solution used during facials. If you’ve received a Glo facial from one of our amazing partners, it’s possible you have already experienced this incredible product! It serves as your weekly treatment to clearer, smoother and brighter skin. It resurfaces uneven texture, brightens dark spots, clears pores and smooths fine lines. And did we mention it’s great for all skin types? Unlike make chemical exfoliants on the market, Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant is perfect for all skin types and even works for those with sensitive or sensitized skin.

Why do I need Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant?

Chemical exfoliants loosen and remove dead cells from the uppermost layers of the skin. When there is an excess of dead cells you’ll notice dullness, uneven texture and clogged pores. By regularly clearing the skin with our unique alpha and poly hydroxy acid formula, you’ll notice an immediate brightening and long term smoothing benefits.

What’s in it?

Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant contains 5 powerhouse alpha and poly hydroxy acids at a whopping 10% concentration. On their own, each acid contributes to a different benefit; when combined, they form an incredible formula that addresses virtually every skin concern. Don’t be alarmed by the 10% concentration. This is a powerful formula but because of the gentle nature of the alpha and poly hydroxy acids, you won’t experience any irritation or downtime.

  • Mandelic Acid: Lightens dark spots and prevents breakouts
  • Lactic Acid: Hydrates the skin while smoothing the appearance of fine lines
  • Gluconic Acid: Provides gentle exfoliation for even the most sensitive complexions
  • Malic Acid: Refines skin’s texture and helps decongest and unclog pores
  • Tartaric Acid: Promotes the coveted ‘glass skin’ look by clarifying and brightening

How do I use Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant?

Adding Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant into your routine is easy. Simply cleanse as normal and apply to clean skin, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Allow to dry and absorb then follow with your favorite serum and/or moisturizer. We generally encourage active formulas to be used as part of your nighttime routine. However, there’s nothing stopping you from using it in the morning. Regardless, make sure you use an SPF each morning. Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant can be used 2-3 times per week but can still be effective at just one use per week, so don’t over do it.

Need more help adding Pro 5 to your routine? Try one of our new bundled skincare sets. Selfcare Sets include Pro 5 + Mask to target any skin concerns, while Regimen Sets include Pro 5 + Cleanser + Moisturizer to cover all the essential steps you need for healthy skin.

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