/Hey There, Homeskillet: HALT-ing, the Best Little Black Backpack by Timbuk 2, and a Small Skin Care Haul

Hey There, Homeskillet: HALT-ing, the Best Little Black Backpack by Timbuk 2, and a Small Skin Care Haul

Rollin’ with my crew!

Hiya! How’s your week been so far? This is probably TMI (so of course I’m going to go there, hahaha), but I’m at that point “in the month” where I’m in currently experiencing varying states of HALT throughout the day. HALT, by the way, stands for “Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.” I can usually tell when I’m about to HALT, so when I feel it coming on, I try my best to manage my mood, and one thing I’ve noticed *really* helps is varying my usual routine in some small way.

Yesterday that was with a quick picnic lunch in a park with the fam-bam.

El Hub, Coywolf and I headed to a nearby park for some mellow midday fun in the sun underneath a big, shady tree.

I had the Trader Joe’s Cubano Wrap, which is a’ight… I like that it’s not too spicy!
OK, I totally remember my mom making the *same exact expression* on my face in this pic.

By the way, this is how I roll now. In addition to all of the other “mom preparedness items” I usually lug around (snacks, hand sanitizer, face wipes, small trash bags for impromptu projectile barf — you know, the usual), I never leave home without 1) a bottle of hand soap, and 2) toilet paper.

Dial and toilet paper, my partners in crime.

Because you never know when you’ll have to use the loo while you’re out of the house, and there’s absolutely NO WAY I’m going to enthusiastically touch anything in a public bathroom right now unless it’s a last, last resort. Honestly, my first choice would be to pop a squat behind a tree because 1) you’re not in a building, and 2) you don’t have to touch any surfaces, but if there are no girth-y pines or redwoods around…that’s when carrying your own personal array of bathroom supplies truly comes in handy.

Talk about TMI, LOL!

This little black backpack IS THE STUFF. It’s the Recruit by Timbuk 2, an SF-based bag brand, and it’s the replacement for the little black backpack from Target that was my go-to for a while (I had to retire it after the zipper, which was problematic from the get-go, broke).


Even though this new bag is a touch bigger, it’s still small enough to not feel like a full-sized camping bag or student backpack. The padded straps rest comfortably on my shoulders (and don’t cut into my skin), and the copious pockets ensure that I always have places to store my keys, phone and sunglasses. There’s ample room for all of the “just in case” things, too.

So many pockets!
Roomy enough but not too big.
I like that there’s a leash for my keys.

The regular price of the bag is $119, but it’s currently on sale for $59 (!) on the Timbuk 2 website. I’ve got the black one, but that khaki one sure is cute, too!

Speaking of things that are *the stuff*, I’m low-key addicted to this hella stupid show on Netflix called Floor Is Lava.

It’s a game show where teams of three compete for a $10,000 prize by climbing, catapulting and creeping their way across an obstacle course surrounded by bubbling, bursting (wait for it) lava!

(Fake lava, of course.)

THIS SHOW IS MY LIFE. Do you know how many times I hear “Don’t fall in the lava, mama!” throughout the day? Coy-Coy and I pretend that the floor is lava all day, everyday, inside the house and outside.

I really feel like I could do the damn thing! Anybody want to start a team with me? I’m totally serious.

One last thing before I leave you (for now) — a small Sephora haul with Kate Somerville Anti Bac, The Ordinary Azelaic Acid and Caffeine Solution 5%, and some samples of Briogio Scalp Revival Shampoo and Don’t Despair Repair Conditioner.

What’s going on with you? Been wearing any makeup lately? Are people in your neck of the woods wearing masks? And how are you doing, mood-wise?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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