/Iced Golden Milk Latte

Iced Golden Milk Latte

Upgrade your morning with this glorious iced golden milk latte that will boost your immunity!

If you’re addicted to coffeehouse lattes, this richer – and more nutritious – version is the perfect Paleo alternative. It has enough caffeine to keep you energized throughout the day and only takes 10 minutes to make!

What Is Golden Milk?

Golden milk typically consists of coconut milk, turmeric, and a sweetener of choice. For our recipe, we use raw honey to give it that silky sweet flavoring – without the added sugars.

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Turmeric is what gives golden milk its signature yellow color, along with immune-boosting antioxidants and inflammatory benefits. A pinch of black pepper enhances these effects, as it helps your body absorb key nutrients.

We love using coconut milk in creamy drinks as a dairy-free alternative that’s even creamier than plain cow’s milk. Plus, it won’t churn your stomach like most dairy-based lattes.

How To Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

While it’s definitely easier to use store-bought cold brew, you can also make your own at home. It’s as simple as pouring cool water over coarsely ground coffee and letting it slowly steep in the fridge. The benefit of this brewing method is that it packs a higher amount of caffeine.

To get started, mix eight ounces of ground coffee with eight cups of water in a large pitcher. Stir well to incorporate, then cover and refrigerate for 18–24 hours.

When ready, use a strainer to separate the coffee from the grounds. Transfer your cold brew to a clean jar and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Helpful Tips To Get Started:

  • Try it hot. You can skip the ice and sub in hot coffee for a cozier drink.
  • Try it with almond milk. We use coconut milk for its creamy consistency, but you can sub in other dairy-free milks instead.
  • Make it vegan-friendly. Just use equal amounts of maple syrup instead of honey.
Felicia Lim


Total time:10 mins

Cook Time:5 mins 5 minutes

Prep Time: 5 mins 5 minutes

Nutrition facts:26 grams of carbohydrates16 grams of fat

Iced Golden Milk Latte

Recipe by:authorauthor Felicia Lim

Upgrade your morning with this glorious iced golden milk latte that will boost your immunity.

Looking for Paleo ingredients? Here are a few we’d recommend:
Coconut milk (Native Forest)
Raw honey (Bee Farms)
Turmeric (Simply Organic)
Black pepper (Frontier)

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