/Organize your life with the Bollie Acrylic Beauty Case

Organize your life with the Bollie Acrylic Beauty Case


BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer

What part of your life needs organization? Is it your makeup, arts and craft supplies, sewing items, skincare, kids items? And how do you organize them? For me it’s all about cosmetics and skincare. I have more than the average person since I love buying new items and I’m lucky enough to receive some for review. So I’m overflowing at times.


my nighttime skincare collection

The products you see above are on the ledge between my shower and sink. My husband got to the point of hating seeing them there so when Bollie sent me their acrylic organizer case I knew what was going there. I went from that to below and it’s so much neater looking.

After organizing with my Bollie

The BOLLIE Acrylic Beauty Case is a gem to have and has helped me achieve neatness in my redone bathroom. Everything I’m using or about to use is now housed in the 13.2″x14.4″x15.4″ acrylic case with removable drawers. I can fill it however I want. I’m in the midst of gathering up all of my sheet masks to add to it now.

BOLLIE Acrylic Case filled with my skincare

The well made box has 1 larger drawer (3″ tall), 3 medium drawers (2″ tall) and a flip top with a lip of 2″. I keep mine open since I have so many tall items that I want to be at hand.

BOLLIE Acrylic Case empty

BOLLIE Acrylic Case top drawer

BOLLIE Acrylic Case second drawer

BOLLIE Acrylic Case third drawer with eyes and serums

BOLLIE Acrylic Case bottom drawer with current use products

It makes my morning and especially my night routines so much easier since there’s no searching. It’s all organized and on hand as soon as I need it. I can pull out a few products at night to use, put them back and then grab some for morning when I’m a little groggy. Plus it reminds me of what I have.

I luckily have a large enough counter for this but I don’t find it takes up as much room as I first thought. Because it’s tall it’s like a highrise and takes up less real estate in my bathroom.

If I were using this for cosmetics I’d keep the top closed and fill it with palettes. Then I’d still have the closed lid for some taller items.

Other uses:

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer kids organization

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer craft organization

BOLLIE Acrylic Organizer cosmetics

BOLLIE is mostly known as a clothing retailer but adding this Acrylic Case ($114.99) has made me aware of all they have. Having this in my bathroom or on my vanity has helped me to Marie Kondo my life too. I found items that were past their prime when filling this and even a few products I’d forgotten I have. Now I’m prettily organized and can allow my bathroom to be seen by others.  —  Marcia

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