/Self-Celebration Challenge

Self-Celebration Challenge


The Intention

The end of the year can often bring up anxious and regretful thoughts. Many of us have developed clever strategies for avoiding these feelings, by centering this season on the practice of sharing “light and love” with those around us. But, when we ignore our own needs, we’re not setting ourselves up for success, in the moment, and in the New Year.

This challenge incorporates three daily tasks to evoke a little more love and compassion for yourself as you wrap-up 2019 and head into 2020.

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The Journey

1. Gratitude Practice:

Each day our gratitude practice is focused on a specific topic so that you can reflect on different aspects of your year and how deserving you are of love.  

2. Body Love: 

Every day we challenge you to show your body tenderness and compassion!

3. “Self”-Loving Kindness Meditation: 

Take time each morning before you go out and join the world to set an intention for your day with this simple meditation challenges you to focus on showing yourself the love you readily show those around you during the holiday season. 

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